Flesh and Blood by Willow Rose

Flesh and Blood by Willow Rose
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 578 KB

A neighborhood murder.
A paranormal prowler.
How much can she trust her own flesh and blood?
Robyn’s parents are ruining her life. As if their constant bickering and embarrassing behavior wasn’t bad enough, they’ve forbidden her from hanging out with her crush just when a flirty new girl moves to their block. But Robyn’s parents look the other way when her big brother breaks curfew… even after a local kid’s violent murder.
With the neighborhood on high alert, strange sightings are on the rise and the accusations begin to fly. Between her brother’s nighttime excursions and her parents’ odd behavior, Robyn starts to worry that the killer may be living under her own roof. In a town where neighbor has turned against neighbor, deciding who to trust with her dark fears could be a matter of life and death…

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