Force of Nature by Joe McCoubrey

Force of Nature by Joe McCoubrey (Mick Boyle #2)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 382 KB

Irish Garda detective Mick Boyle is back in the most challenging manhunt he has ever had to face.
Young girls are vanishing off the streets in a trail that leads from Downpatrick in Northern Ireland to Boyle’s doorstep in Castlebar, County Mayo. The mystery killer has evaded capture in a spree that stretches back 10 years – and there is no sign that he intends to stop. He never leaves clues. He doesn’t offer up bodies. He simply picks off his victims one by one before moving on to the next target.

But Boyle is determined to catch him – no matter what it takes.
The kidnapper is stepping up his activities and Boyle finds himself in a race against time to save at least one young girl from becoming another forgotten statistic.

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