Forgotten Souls by Rooster Smith

Forgotten Souls by Rooster Smith
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2 MB

Forgotten Souls is the horror story of what might have been, coming back to haunt us in the most terrible of ways. Like all of us in our youth we’ve had relationships that didn’t work out or just ran their course so they ended and we moved on. We’ve had other relationships throughout the years until we settled down or married. Have you ever wondered what might have happened in those past relationships if they lasted longer? Well this is that ghastly tale…
Imagine if you stayed with that earlier boyfriend or girlfriend, you could have had a child together, but as the relationship ended that child was never conceived – these are the forgotten souls of the story and these ghostly adolescents have now come to get their revenge on their “would have been parents” for denying them the chance of life in the first place. These demonic children seek out and kill those who would have been their mother and father in the most horrible and bloody ways imaginable.

Brought here by the sinister Bartholomew Smith, also known as The Entertainer, in revenge for the killing of his family and himself by a lynch mob about 1000 years ago, the evil children will not be stopped by anyone until all of their “parents” are dead, however Josh Adamson a local author of the strange and supernatural tries his hardest to prevent this.
Smith uses the King of clubs playing card as his calling sign and one is left at the scene of every gory death but there is much more to this man from the past. Who exactly is Bartholomew Smith? Where did he come from? Why are only certain “parents” chosen for horrible deaths?

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