Forgotten Voices by Jane A. Adams (ePUB)

Forgotten Voices by Jane A. Adams (Rina Martin #7)
English | Mystery & Thriller | EPUB | 1.2 Mb

Retired actress Rina Martin gets tangled up in the brutal murder of a seemingly innocent widow"
Who would want to kill widowed mother of two Ellen Tailor, a seemingly innocent, inoffensive woman, and leave her body for her children to find? Rina Martin s policeman friend Mac can t find anything that looks like a motive and not much more in terms of suspects. While it is true Ellen didn t get on with her mother in law, it seems hard to believe their arguments escalated into a brutal killing. A former abusive partner seems a more likely suspect, but unfortunately for Mac he seems to have a watertight alibi.
But just as the case goes cold, there is a second killing. Are the two linked? Rina thinks so and Mac has long since learnt that, unfortunately, Rina is often right . . .

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