Fortunes of War by Richard Tongue

Fortunes of War by Richard Tongue
English | 2018 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 518 KB

The Olympus Main. A haven for free traders such as the Thomas O’Dell, plying the spacelanes with rare and precious cargos, seeking wealth and opportunity on the far frontiers of the Terrestrial Commonwealth. One of hundreds of similar ships working the trade routes from Heracles to Colchis, dozens of exotic worlds and isolated space colonies. Unfortunately, where there is profit, there is danger, and when the O’Dell is attacked and destroyed by a band of pirates, only one crewman, Victoria Carter, survives, thrown into space in a survival pod, lost among the stars.

Alone, Carter launches her own private war, gathering all the resources and allies she can find to take the fight to the pirates, to protect other ships from their vicious raids, and to avenge herself for the death of her crew, the destruction of her ship. Tracking her nemesis from star to star, can she complete her mission and force the murderers of her crew to justice, or will she become the pirates’ latest victim?

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