Framed by S.L. McInnis

Framed by S.L. McInnis
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 1.2 MB

One dark Los Angeles night, Beth Crawford is driving home from a dinner party, furious at her husband for spending money they don’t have. A few blocks away, a scantily dressed woman in a blonde wig lugs a suitcase full of blood-spattered cash toward a bus stop. In the streets between the two women, police cars flash past, racing to the scene of a quadruple homicide, a botched drug deal in which an undercover LAPD officer is among the dead….

With propulsive energy, deliciously unpredictable characters, and masterful plotting, FRAMED is a fresh take on this bestselling category, offering the smart, dark twists of Gone Girl and Luckiest Girl Alive with powerful suspense and a cast of characters that will get deep under your skin.

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