Further Encounters of Sherlock Holmes by George Mann (ePUB)

Further Encounters of Sherlock Holmes by George Mann (Editor)
English | Mystery, Crime | EPUB | 1 Mb

Once again the spirit of Sherlock Holmes lives on in this collection of twelve brand-new adventures. Wonder at how the world’s greatest consulting detective plays a deadly game with the Marvel of Montmartre; investigates a killing on the high seas; discovers Professor Moriarty’s secret papers; battles a mysterious entity on a Scottish mountain; travels to Mars to unravel an interplanetary murder; and solves one last case with Dr Watson Jr!

Philip Purser-Hallard, Andy Lane, Mark A. Latham, James Goss, William Patrick Maynard, Alexandra Martukovich (Contributor) , Roy Gill, Scott Handcock, Guy Adams, Lou Anders, Justin Richards, Philip Marsh

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