Ghosts and Empires by M.A. Tarone

Ghosts and Empires by M.A. Tarone
English | 2018 | Thriller & Suspense | ePUB | 338 KB

Challengers rise when the old guard of drug, human, and weapon trafficking become weak. Guided by a sinister hand, a global war for control of the network comes to our shores, bringing chaos and death.
Police Officer Mike Haynes is losing his battle with the darkness. War veteran and widower, his light is fading until the hope for a new life is threatened. Can he summon his strength to save his new love…and perhaps save himself?

Rookie Officer Julie Walsh hits the streets driven by a desire to avenge a murdered friend. Confident and skilled, she quickly establishes herself in a tough and dangerous business. Sparks turn to fire as Mike Haynes’ warrior nature is revealed. She dreams of the future while putting herself in the path of danger greater than she could have ever imagined.
Vitaly Georgiy, Spetsnaz commander turned mercenary, is mission-focused as he prosecutes a war against his employer’s rival, the Latino mafia. Driven by a family bond, he leads a kill team into the heart of their territory, the US homeland. Can he accomplish his mission and maintain his honor?
Juan Quiñones, trafficker, nephew of the new Latino leader, and combat veteran embraces the fight once again. Questioning his sacrifices, will he defeat the nightmares of his past and the men sent to destroy his family?

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