Girl Can’t Help It by Max Allan Collins

Girl Can’t Help It by Max Allan Collins (Krista Larson #2)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 1 MB

No sooner do Hot Rod and the Pistons reunite for their induction into the Iowa Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, than two band members take a final bow. Both alleged suicides. A tragic way to go out. A bum way for one-hit wonders to be remembered. But it’s Labor Day weekend. The show must go on.

With replacements at the ready, the Pistons are back on home turf to headline the first ever Rock and Country Music Fest. Police Chief Krista Larson and her father, Keith, are there listening. And watching. Because they suspect there may be more to the band members’ untimely deaths than anyone else can see.
As Krista and Keith navigate the investigation, a dark picture of the band’s rocky history begins to take center stage.

As betrayal, revenge, and blackmail start playing out in the present, the father-daughter team fear that this encore may be the band’s finale.

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