Good Blood by Billy Ketch Allen

Good Blood by Billy Ketch Allen
English | 2018 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 670 KB

Is his blood a gift to the world, or a curse that could destroy it?
In the world of Terene, fate is determined by your blood. For Descendants carrying the healing blood of their ancestors, it is a life sentence. Enslaved by the ruling nobles, their blood is harvested to both power the nation and keep them weak. But after centuries, the bloodline is dwindling.
The Highfather of the Faith seeks an alternative to rule the world. Against him, a band of cutthroat rebels fights to free their people. Caught in the middle is one boy on a desperate journey to uncover his past. In his veins, he holds the power to change the word.
But he doesn’t know it yet…

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  1. Hi lam trying to download this book titled Good Blood by Billy Ketch Allen but it is not working, please help.

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