Great Kills by Kevin Fox

Great Kills by Kevin Fox
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 382 KB

THE HURRICANE was only the beginning. Cynical and grounded, Killian ‘Kill’ Collins hates superstition and anything not proven by hard evidence. That works well for him until the night of Hurricane Sandy, when he’s summoned to the grounded yacht of a Russian oligarch. On board, Kill discovers drugs and cash as well as two trafficked young women, one of whom stabs him after mistaking his intentions. Bleeding in the street, a mysterious woman saves him, then disappears. By the time he is released from the hospital, the FBI is covering up the crime and Killian is forced to find and save the two girls before the bridges to the rest of the world re-open. Along the way, the suspense is unnerving as Killian stumbles onto a connection between this case and the thirty year-old murder of his uncle.

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