Green Jay and Crow by DJ Daniels

Green Jay and Crow by DJ Daniels
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 436 KB

A prescient science fiction vision of humanity and identity in a trans-human world
Eva, the Green Jay, is a “body double”—3D printed from plant matter, disposable. She should have disintegrated weeks ago.

Instead, she has managed to stay alive, hidden by the Chemical Conjurers—robot twins, hobby-synthesists—and aided by the unfathomable alien Tenties. But her life—such as it is, such as any life can be in the strange, half-forgotten borough of Barlewin in the shadow of the High Track, where neon light falls on broken cobbles—is still precarious. What she really needs is inside a Time Locked box, a box locked by Time, held by the local crime boss, Guerra.
Eva knows she can count on Mac, who loves her, but her survival hangs on Mac’s friend Brom, the Crow. And she’s not sure about him at all.

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