Harper’s Hotel Ghost Girl by Amy Cross

Harper’s Hotel Ghost Girl by Amy Cross (Death Herself #4)
English | 2019 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 270 KB

September 12th, 1987. Stephanie Lawson wakes up and prepares to start another ordinary day working at Harper’s Hotel. But how many times has she started this same day? And why is a strange girl named Hannah playing chess in the hotel’s lobby?

A knot has been tied in the universe. The fate of reality itself rests on what happens in this hotel on this day. The universe keeps resetting, desperate to avert disaster, but everything depends on one thing. Stephanie Lawson has to die in a certain place, at a certain time.
As the day continues to repeat, however, Stephanie is starting to notice strange things. She’s starting to remember events that can’t possibly have happened. She’s hearing voices that can’t be real. Soon she discovers that the whole of reality is threatening to fall down around her. Can she and Hannah discover what’s wrong before it’s too late? Or is Stephanie really destined to die in room 119 of Harper’s Hotel?

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