Heart of Disaster by Rachel Wesson

Heart of Disaster by Rachel Wesson
English | 2019 | Historical Fiction | ePUB | 352 KB

Thursday, April 11, 1912
RMS Titanic arrives at Queenstown, Co Cork, Ireland to collect those returning to America and those who wish to start a new life. On board, Gerry Walker, a stoker from Wexford heads up on deck to say a quick hello to the old country. He swears he will bring his fiancé, Jean, to Ireland to see his mam.
Newlyweds, Delia and Conor Brennan are convinced they have left their problems behind them.
Four young friends from Ballinasloe, Co. Galway are all set for their new adventure. Except Kate Maloney doesn’t want to leave Ireland. Cathy Madden wants to go on stage, something her serious minded brother, Seamus, will never allow. Daniel Donnelly loves Kate and intends to convince her to marry him and move to Wyoming before ship arrives in New York.
The Titanic leaves Queenstown with a ship full of dreams. All too soon, those dreams turn to nightmares.

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