Hell is Empty by Conrad Williams (ePUB, MOBI)

Hell is Empty by Conrad Williams (Joel Sorrell #3)
English | 2016 | Mystery & Thriller | 1.7 MB

Joel Sorrell is recovering from the attempt on his life, but he is exhausted, drinking hard, and his personal life is collapsing. A hope-filled yet distant note from his daughter convinces him to stick around for the present. To distract him, an old colleague offers him unsolved case files, and Joel becomes dangerously obsessed by a string of murders from the 1980s a killer nicknamed The Skylark who pushed construction workers from the top of the new Thatcherite skyscrapers. A surprise call from a childhood sweetheart he hasn t heard from for years with a kidnapped child springs Joel into action, but as he looks deeper, nothing about the case seems to make sense. Everything is leading back to an old enemy of Joel s, who has risen to prominence while incarcerated and the previous night, razed his prison to the ground. On the run and in fear for his life, Joel finds himself tangled in a web affecting both the present and the past, and most certainly the people closest to him.”

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