Hellsbaene by Aeryn Leigh

Hellsbaene by Aeryn Leigh (Odin’s Warriors #1)
English | 2017 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 603 KB

Taken.Left for dead on a foreign world.
For hundreds of generations, warriors taken from our world are abandoned on a distant planet in a Darwinian struggle for survival.
But on Earth, in 1944, Europe burns in the dying throes of WWII. Ella Gruder, one of Nazi Germany’s celebrated few female test pilots, is suffocating in an avalanche of lies. Desperate to escape the SS Colonel pursuing her, Ella steals a state-of-the-art jet fighter, and flees with her daughter towards freedom.
For Captain Lawrence “Laurie” John, a battle-scarred bomber pilot and WWI infantry veteran, holder of the Victoria Cross for charging a machine-gun post, flying nightly bombing raids over Germany fulfils his hatred of Nazis whilst awaiting the inevitability of death.
But ancient forces have other plans.
Now swept across the galaxy, Ella and Laurie face new foes, where all on Elysium will submit. Or die.
But when your only allies are former enemies and Vikings that just tried killing you – if the very things you lived and fought for no longer apply, your family and friends so far away – who are you? And what do you fight for?
On Elysium, only the strong survive.

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