Her Good Daughter by James Cage

Her Good Daughter by James Cage
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 670 KB

A daughter vanished. A pool of blood found outside her front door. A serial killer returned.

Mandy Knox’s life is a train wreck. Somehow, her daughter, Callie, managed to be everything she wished she could have been.

Leading actress in a school play. Academically one of the top students in her grade. Destined to do great things after high school. Then one day, she’s gone. Vanished.
Mandy opens her front door and finds a pool of dried blood has stained her porch. What happened to Callie Knox?
Mandy tries to find out for herself but manages to discover the truth…her daughter isn’t who she thought she was.

Mandy thought she was…her good daughter.

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