Hope in Hell by Mark Ayre

Hope in Hell by Mark Ayre (Adam and Eve Thriller #6)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 270 KB

Adam and Eve have spent their lives protecting each other. Now they must fight not only for themselves but for the whole of humanity…

Deep beneath the ground in the HQ of the organisation that has dogged them for decades, Adam and Eve learn their lifelong enemy is no longer their greatest threat.

The true purpose of the mysterious room that created the twins is revealed, and it seems the only way to stop their new adversary, Pandora, before her plan comes to fruition, may be to take the life of an innocent.

Determined to find another way, Adam and Eve separate in search of a victory that will not cost them their souls, and soon think they have found their answer. But while their traditional foe no longer stands in their way, the twins soon learn Pandora is not their only enemy. Will Adam and Eve overcome the odds and emerge victorious? Or will treatury from those they consider allies lead not only to their demise but to the downfall of all humanity?

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