Hour of Need by John Carson

Hour of Need by John Carson
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 645 KB

Everybody has secrets…some more deadly than others…
Years ago, DCI Harry McNeil lost his father, himself an ex-police officer. Now, Harry’s estranged brother is back on the scene after their mother’s second husband died. Harry’s father and step-father were at opposite ends of the spectrum and now that Bobby Dixon is dead, family rivalries come to a head.

After the funeral, Harry and DS Alex Maxwell get a shout. A man has been brutally stabbed at home and dies from his injuries. He was an ordinary man, working an ordinary job, leading an ordinary life.
So why was he murdered in an obvious hit?

Dealing with people from his past threatens to get in the way of the investigation, but Harry can’t let things cloud her judgement. As he peels back the layers of the victim’s life to uncover the truth, another victim turns up and leads Harry down a road he never expected to go down.
They’re going up against a vicious killer who knows no boundaries. And working to an agenda that nobody sees coming…

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