Hour of Reckoning by Demetrius Jackson

Hour of Reckoning by Demetrius Jackson (Donatella #2)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 335 KB

A trail of traps. A timetable of death. Can she survive a sinister plot for revenge?

Special Agent Donatella Dabria is always looking over her shoulder. Tormented by the peril her job has put her loved ones in, she’s constantly trying to anticipate the ruthless moves of her vindictive rival. So she has no doubt her old enemy is back for blood when taunting clues turn up in a vicious case of adultery turned fatal.

Taking over from the inexperienced cop bungling the investigation, Donatella vows to stop the killer’s grisly promise of executing everybody close to her heart. But with the sadist intent on seeing her suffer, the determined fed battles a tragically growing body count… Can she endure a maze of murders designed to lead her to her end?

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