Hunter’s Calling by Katerina Martinez,‎ Tansey Morgan

Hunter’s Calling by Katerina Martinez,‎ Tansey Morgan
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 193 KB

Some things should be left alone…

There’s a legend that, one day, a human will walk through the sacred forests of the jaguar Goddess and steal from her children. When that day comes the skies will turn red, and the earth shall wither and die. My name is Tammy and I am that human, but I’m no thief. When I discover the location of an item I know carries a dangerous curse, I put together a crack team of scientists and set off into the Bolivian jungle to retrieve it not knowing we wouldn’t all make it back. Betrayal sets in motion a chain of events that, if they aren’t reversed, carry terrible consequences. Aided by an unlikely ally, the sexy Raego, I find myself racing against time to stop this curse from ravaging the land. A curse I had a hand in unleashing.
Is there enough time to do what has to be done, or have I already caused too much damage?

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