Icarus: Thriller by Deon Meyer (ePUB)

Icarus: Thriller by Deon Meyer, Stefanie Schäfer (Translator) (Benny Griessel Romane #5)
English | Thriller & Suspense | EPUB | 1.8 Mb

Who flies high …
Bennie Griessel and the murder of one of the most hated men in Cape Town
Cape Town in December. Bennie Griessel will be called to a crime scene that takes him out of the socket. A colleague has his wife, his two daughters and then shot himself. Bennie wants to get away – from Alexa, his girlfriend, his children. He was stranded in a bar and gets drunk. A bitter fallback for dry alcoholics.
Sitting on a beach experimented a cameraman with a drone and discovers a corpse. A man has been killed. When the police found out the man’s identity, all of which are in an uproar. Ernst Richter had a special business model. Allen, who wanted to be unfaithful, he promised to provide a sure-fire alibi. He had apparently made dangerous enemies.
As you Bennie wants to call for help, sitting after a fight in prison.
»Tight sections rapid chases, tough clashing cultures and classes – Deon Meyer told breathlessly and quickly, without being superficial" rating.

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