I’ll Tell You No Lies by Norman Wills

I’ll Tell You No Lies by Norman Wills
English | 2017 | Psychological Thriller | ePUB | 304 KB

A psychological thriller about Lucy Kirkpatrick.
At the age of thirteen Lucy’s ‘guardian angel’ Sally-Anne feels the need to introduce herself during a particularly stressful time and helps Lucy take some control of her life.
From then on life for Lucy becomes so much easier. She is destined for celebrity and all that such a life entails. This isn’t because Sally-Anne was sent from heaven; far from it. Sally-Anne is a guardian but she is no angel. She is a very controlling and manipulative part of Lucy’s life, leaving in Lucy’s wake a trail of destruction and misery. But for all that, Sally-Anne is just a voice in Lucy’s head, a voice that manifested itself at a particularly stressful time in Lucy’s life…Or is she?
Whether you believe in guardian angels or not…read on, after all, isn’t the devil just a fallen angel?

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