Illusive Times by Lily Campbell

Illusive Times by Lily Campbell
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 267 KB

The law failed him. It’s time for him to take matter into his own hands.
After the sudden murder of his father, Mack made it his life’s duty to become a hero and save people from experiencing the same heartbreak he did. 15 years later, he and his partner Kendra had sworn to protect LA.

But when a police stop reveals the son of an infamous drug lord, Mack is given a choice – to accept a bribe from them and look the other way… or to stick to his duty no matter the risks. Mack knows what he has to do.
After unknown gunmen attack him at his home and murder Kendra, Mack soon finds himself in a desperate battle to stay alive. With the LAPD unwilling to back him up and the drug lord hot on his trail, Mack must take the law into his own hands if he wants to bring the killers to justice and fulfill his oath.

With such powerful enemies and the web of corruption reaching into the highest ranks of the force, Mack knows that it will take all of his wits if he wants to find out the truth…and stay alive. But trying to uncover the secrets might reveal even more than he ever wants to know.

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