Impact by Rob Boffard (ePUB, MOBI)

Impact by Rob Boffard (Outer Earth #3)
English | 2016 | Science Fiction | 4 MB

Following Tracer and Zero-G comes Impact, the explosive conclusion to the Outer Earth trilogy – a heart-pounding thriller set in space where the hero moves like lightning and the consequences for failure are deadly.
A signal has been picked up from Earth.
The planet was supposed to be uninhabitable. But it seems there are survivors down there – with supplies, shelter and running water. Perhaps there could be a future for humanity on Earth after all.
Riley Hale will find out soon enough. She’s stuck on a spaceship with the group of terrorists that is planning to brave the planet’s atmosphere and crash-land on the surface.
But when the re-entry goes wrong, Riley ends up hundreds of miles from her companions Prakesh and Carver, alone in a barren wilderness. She’ll have to use everything she knows to survive.
And all of them are about to find out that nothing on Earth is what it seems . . .

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