Impact Event by David N. Frank

Impact Event by David N. Frank
English | 2018 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 405 KB

A planet destroyed. A galaxy-wide panic. A nefarious plot. And one man searching for truth.
When a terrorist attack wipes out an entire planet and threatens the safety of the known galaxy, the Confederation’s top agent is sent to eliminate the threat.
In the future, humanity has finally conquered faster-than-light travel and expanded to the stars through the use of the Alcubierre warp drive and has colonized nearly a hundred planets under the United Sol Confederation. But the Confed’s brightest scientists never figured out how to mitigate the deadly side effects unleashed whenever a starship returns to sub-light speed.

As a result, a galactic-wide safety net has been put in place on all ships and in all colonized systems called the Planetary Approach Network. In use for over a hundred years and taken for granted as the bedrock of interstellar safety, humanity is thrown into a panic when a ship somehow bypasses it and wreaks global mass destruction on a fringe colony, killing all 20 million inhabitants.
With billions of lives suddenly at risk, elite black-ops operative Dargo Pearce is assigned the task of tracking down and eliminating the threat. Bio-genetically engineered and trained to be one of the deadliest soldiers ever alive, Pearce is now considered a one-man army. For years he has followed orders without question, but as his investigation turns up dastardly betrayals and major holes with the official story he becomes determined to find out the truth. At any cost.
The spark for this book came from a 2012 research report from the University of Sydney showing that while an Alcubierre “warp” drive was theoretically possible, it could potentially wipe out all life when the ship stopped at its destination.

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