In Black We Trust by JC Andrijeski

In Black We Trust by JC Andrijeski (Quentin Black #8)
English | 2018 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 445 KB

“This strike you as a particularly wise idea, brother?” Manny asked under his breath. “Striking a deal with vampires?”
Black gave him a look. “No. But all my other ideas were worse.”
A coup is underway.
That coup threatens the entire United States––possibly the whole of the human race.

Psychic detective, Quentin Black, has no idea who’s behind it, what their goal is, or what they want with him. After the funeral of one of his oldest friends, he finds himself on the run from the very people he used to work for in the Pentagon.
With his wife, Miri, he’s forced to flee the country, then to seek allies in the most unlikely of quarters to try and clear his name.
Together, they return to the center of the conspiracy, Washington D.C., and face the architect of what might be a terrifying new world. Will Black be able to stop history from repeating itself in the worst way imaginable?

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