In The Dying Minutes by J.A. Baker

In The Dying Minutes by J.A. Baker
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 467 KB

Everyone has their secrets, some are more deadly than others.
What is she running away from?
When Leah is involved in a train crash, she goes to a therapist, Will. He attempts to help her through the trauma but whenever Leah is in his presence, strange things occur. She suffers from hallucinations that include visions of her dead brother, Ellis.

As Leah reveals to Will that her friends Jacob and Chloe wronged her, further flashbacks of her childhood and parts of her life she would sooner forget begin to surface, troubling Leah even more.
But what is actually bothering her and what led Leah to be on that train?
Nothing is as it seems, and soon she will learn the heart-breaking truth…

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