In the Shadow of the Wall by Richard Wake

In the Shadow of the Wall by Richard Wake (Peter Ritter #2)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 291 KB

Why would one man risk everything to help a mere acquaintance escape from East Germany?

Peter Ritter thought the Berlin Wall would stand for three months, tops. He thought the impracticalities of dividing such a big city would cause it to crumble of its own weight. If not that he thought the Americans would never tolerate such a division. But three months turned into six, and six months turned into ten, and the wall was only growing bigger and more fortified by the day.

Ritter was a detective on the East Berlin murder squad. He had obtained advanced warning about the wall being built and could have escaped along with his best friend, but he chose not to leave for any number of reasons. Most days, he had no regrets. He received a promotion at work, and his career was moving along well. His love life was active if not particularly serious. His lifestyle was among the best in the country — and if he had to do the occasional off-the-books favor for a member of the Central Committee who happened to be his ex-father-in-law, it was worth the trade-off.

So why risk it all to assist a man he knew only from questioning him in prison regarding an old case? The question will haunt Ritter as his good deed turns into a life-or-death situation, not only for the man he helps but for Ritter himself.

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