Indefensible by MA Comley

Indefensible by MA Comley (DI Sara Ramsey #12)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 672 KB

Murder comes at a painful price…
A heartless attack ends with a pensioner dying in her own home. DI Sara Ramsey and her team are tasked with solving this puzzling crime.
Within a few hours, another murder drops onto Sara’s desk, but the MO is totally different. Could the crimes be inextricably linked?
If so, why has the killer changed his methods?

With a surprising amount of DNA evidence and clues to work on, it’s not long before Sara arrests a suspect. However, with the suspect behind bars, the murders continue.
Does this mean the murderer has an accomplice or is Sara dealing with an unthinkable scenario? Is there a copycat killer at large?
Before Sara has a chance to figure out more, the stakes are raised when a member of Sara’s team is lured into a dangerous trap.

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