Initiation by Susan D. Kalior

Initiation by Susan D. Kalior
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 333 KB

Shallee, a PhD social activist in the twenty-first century, has disrupted the harmful social programming instigated by Raymond Mackelvie, a powerful business magnate who has been controlling the masses for decades. Hence, Mackelvie sets out to destroy her. Interestingly, her circumstance parallels a ninth-century past life that has always haunted her. In that life, her royal family, trying to unite Denmark, was overthrown and slaughtered by the Curonian, Droghan.
Tumbling through time, Shallee finds herself in that past, two years after she died. She meets up with the warrior, Shokane, who once loved her. Together they plot to restore Denmark, fighting for heart on a perilous adventure into the dark side of light.
Black magic abounds and mythical beings arise in this riveting suspense where multi-dimensional realities bleed together to reshape a fate that hinges on a romance transcendent of time and space.

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