Inside Trump’s White House by Doug Wead

Inside Trump’s White House: The Authorized Story by Doug Wead
English | 2019 | Biography | ePUB | 720 KB

After dozens of books and articles by anonymous sources, here, finally, is a history of the Trump White House, with the President and his staff talking openly and on the record. In President Trump, Doug Wead offers a sweeping, eloquent history of President Donald J. Trump’s first years in the White House, covering everything from election night to the biggest political obstacles of his presidency.

The book will include never-before-reported stories and scoops, including how President Trump turned around the American economy, how he “never complains and never explains”, and insight into how his actions sometimes lead to misunderstandings with the media and the public.

President Trump features exclusive interviews with the Trump family about the Mueller Report, and narrates their reactions when the report was finally released. Wead successfully gained interviews with the President in the Oval Office, chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, Jared and Ivanka Kushner, Donald Trump Jr, Eric and Lara Trump, and White House insiders for this illuminating history.

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  1. Reading it now. Well researched, well written. Gives the “other side’s” story on the President, and how very hard he is working for the American People.
    A great read.

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