Instant Pot Vegan Cookbook for Every Taste! by Jeremy Anders (ePUB)

Instant Pot Vegan Cookbook for Every Taste!: 47 Quick, Easy & Healthy Vegan Recipes by Jeremy Anders
English | 2017 | Food & Cooking | 2.5 MB

People when travel to other places, male or female, no matter how old they are. They suffer from food problems because their bodies haven’t yet adopted the new ways. Other than that, cooking fast is the problem of every women around the globe. This book provides you with recipes and techniques through which you can cook instantly yet deliciously via Instant Pot.
Instant pot is basically an electric pressure cooker, because of which people can cook food anywhere they want even in their trucks! The Instant Pot, as the name suggests, cooks food instantly and quickly. Many people will say that when food cooked in the pressure cooker or Instant Pot, it loses its freshness and taste but these are just misconceptions. After reading this cooking book, you will be able to see for yourself that it is safe, easy and a quick way to cook food and it will not lose its taste as well. This book contains 47 vegan recipes that you can try using your Instant Pot. First of all, those of you who aren’t quite familiar with the Instant Pot, this book will help you understand better in utilizing it. You can now cook fatless food in Instant Pot if you are trying to lose weight, our second chapter will include such recipes and there are many kinds of soups you can cook in Instant Pot whose recipes are included in the third chapter. Lastly, you can simple cook different kinds of vegetables in Instant Pot, the recipes of which is in the last chapter.

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