Isla’s Missing by Liam Hanson

Isla’s Missing by Liam Hanson (The DCI Reece Thrillers #3)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 482 KB

Some secrets are best taken to the grave.
Jailed thirty years ago for a murder he didn’t commit, Arvel Baines has been plotting his revenge ever since.
He’s going to ruin the lives of all those responsible for framing him. And one man in particular will be made to suffer more than the rest.
When the son of the true killer wakes up on his kitchen floor to find his wife dead and teenage daughter missing, so begins a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Soon the Murder Squad are tasked with finding the missing girl, drawing DCI Reece into the mix.
Can Baines carry out his gruesome vendetta before he’s caught?
Will Reece outsmart another killer?
And what happens to the missing Isla?

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