Isle of Shadows by Tracy Higley

Isle of Shadows by Tracy Higley (The Seven Wonders #1)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 440 KB

What will freedom cost her?
Enslaved in an Ancient World of Money and Power, Tessa Dares to be Free.
Raised as a courtesan to wealthy and powerful men, Tessa of Delos serves at the whim of the corrupt politician, Glaucus, on the opulent isle of Rhodes.
Ten years have passed since she was forsaken by both the gods and her mother. To survive, Tessa abandons any desire for freedom or love, choosing instead to lock her heart away.
But when Glaucus meets a violent death, Tessa grasps at a fragile hope.

Only she knows of his death.
And if she can keep the explosive secret long enough, she can escape.
But time is running out. Another treacherous politician emerges from the shadows, in a bid to seize power over Rhodes.
And this one is claiming Tessa for himself.
What will freedom cost her?
Previously published as Shadow of Colossus.

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