It Might Have Been What He Said by Eden Collinsworth

It Might Have Been What He Said by Eden Collinsworth
English | 2018 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 617 KB

Isabel could remember the precise moment she tried killing her husband. Strangely enough, she couldn’t recall why. Thus begins the powerful story of Isabel, who, at the age of twenty-eight, has been granted early success as the head of a publishing house . . . A woman of taste and discernment, endowed with enviable wit and a razor-sharp mind. Yet, as the novel opens, we know that Isabel is in great trouble and has possibly lost her mind. Elegantly yet sparely written, hers is a tale of seduction, vertiginous love, and colossal betrayal.

When Isabel meets James—a handsome, aristocratic, highly talented writer known in equal parts for his entitlement, drinking, and gift for charming women—she falls head over heels for him, despite all her friends’ dire warnings. Breaking his past pattern, however, James also falls for Isabel, and they decide to marry. However improbable a couple, they confound their family and friends, becoming an ideal match, as much in love with each other as they are devoted to their son. The question is: What happens to drive Isabel to her act of insanity?

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