Jagged Edge by Kendall Talbot

Jagged Edge by Kendall Talbot
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 340 KB

A grieving detective with nothing to lose.
A dying town with everything to hide.
After the shocking death of his daughter, suspended detective Edge Malone seeks oblivion in a bottle and plans to photograph a rare blood moon in isolated Whispering Hills, California. But his night takes a deadly turn when a high-tech drone is shot from the sky—and a ruthless gunman murders an innocent bystander who dares to visit the crash site. Driven by instinct, Edge seizes the drone and escapes into the woods.

Now being hunted, Edge unwittingly thrusts Nina Hamilton into the chase—a street-smart beauty who is no stranger to men with dangerous motives. But when the drone data leads them to a shocking discovery, they quickly learn that no one in Whispering Hills can be trusted. The truth of the small town is anything but quiet, and the price of secrets runs six-feet deep…

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