Jerusalem Fire by R.M. Meluch (ePUB)

Jerusalem Fire by R.M. Meluch
English | 2016 | Science Fiction | 777 KB

To most of the galaxy he was a legend without a face, and to the rest a face without a name. He was Alihahd: the word meant simply ‘He left’. And so he always had. Until his luck ran out. And with it the stability, the very existence of the Na’id Empire which had ruled the known worlds since the onset of the human Dark Age. For it was on the semi-mythical planet of Iry that Alihahd at last found his destiny.

Iry, the world of the Irin warrior-priests, of witches and warlocks attended by familiars in wondrous shapes. Iry, where ‘men’ flew on wings with the eagles, and journeyed through the stars on enigmatic quests, armed only with their magical double-curved swords, and the strange powers they nurtured with such dedication. Iry, a culture awaiting a catalyst: Alihahd. It needed only his presence to cause a jihad to boil out across the universe.

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