Judgment at Verdant Court by M.C. Planck (ePUB, MOBI)

Judgment at Verdant Court by M.C. Planck (World of Prime #3)
English | 2016 | Fantasy | 1.6 MB

The continuing adventures of Christopher Sinclair, mechanical engineer turned priest of war.
Our hero faces evil on two fronts: a friend turned murderer by the power of magic, and an entire nation of murderous wolf-men. One he has to save from the vengeful clutches of the Druids, and the other from the mercenary greed of the king. But the true enemy is despair: the shame of a man who has done terrible things, and the madness of a man who is doing terrible violence. Can Christopher pick a path through broken and bloody bodies that still leaves room for goodness?

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  1. great book, thank you

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