Kantinna Taezen by Sue Westgate

Kantinna Taezen by Sue Westgate (The Galaxy of ELL #3)
English | 2019 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 476 KB

Kantinna is self-described as a willful nonconformist and follows her own way through her heroic journey. Even as the heroine of her own epic hero adventure, she doesn’t follow the typical epic hero format. Instead of defeating the monster, she is the Siren. Rather than retreating from an epic battle to return to win the day, her battle is with personal demons of financial dependence in order to cling to her crumbling dream.

On the eve of the Daineen civil war, Kantinna Taezen is desperately trying to fulfill a lifelong dream she has sacrificed everything for … including love. During a rather challenging day of equipment repair, she takes on the extraordinary journey alone across the sector to save her world and her way of life based on nothing more than a command. She does not know that her quest is to deliver Netrair tactical information to the Dainee government to provide the ultimate advantage for the upcoming war. Unknown to the Daineen, a successful delivery will prevent the ultimate extinction of the Daineen people. During her quest, torment follows her every step of her journey of duty as she is pulled both further and farther away from fulfilling her dream to become a ship engineer.

Will Kantinna’s epic journey end in failure or be a pivot point not only for herself but for the entire Daineen species and the Galaxy of ELL as a whole?

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