Kick Save and a Beauty by S.C. Ryan (ePUB, MOBI)

Kick Save and a Beauty by S.C. Ryan (The Cougar Chronicles #1)
English | Romance | EPUB & MOBI | 484 Kb

What happens when a snarky force meets a younger hot object? Sparks fly. Chrissy Andersen is the reigning Snark Queen.Known for her quick wit and her tendency to say exactly what’s on her mind, she finds herself the object of Derrick Steele’s interest. Derrick is a fast rising star in the NHL. Known for his good looks and his goaltending skills, he finds himself falling fast for the combination of Chrissy’s looks, wit and sarcasm. Snarky vs. Smooth, Old vs. Young, Woman vs. Man. What could possibly go wrong?

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