Killing Room by Shawn Raiford

Killing Room by Shawn Raiford
English | 2018 | Thriller & Suspense | ePUB | 269 KB

Edward prefers younger women, because they are better screamers.
Chloe wakes up naked and strapped to a metal table. There is a stench of death in the air, a curious blend of copper and pork. The room she’s in screams torture, death, and decay. When she sees power tools hanging from the wall she understands their purpose: Excruciating pain is in her immediate future.

Henry Creed (Chloe’s brother) and Mitch Mason, Houston Police Department Investigators, catch a case. A young woman was murdered. Nothing is missing from the woman’s apartment. Also, there is no sign of a struggle. Henry believes the victim actually knew her killer.
During their investiagation, Henry and Mitch learn Chloe might be in grave danger from a madman who makes snuff films. Their only problem is they don’t know the location of his killing room.
Can Henry and Mitch act quick enough to save Chloe from a brutal and painful death?

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