Killing Streak by Merit Clark

Killing Streak by Merit Clark
English | 2017 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 534 KB

What if you stopped killing and found yourself capable of love?Evan Markham is rich, handsome, and pissed that someone left a dead body in the guest house of his Colorado estate. Evan’s wife, Corie, called the cops when she found her friend murdered. A perfectly normal reaction. And one that unwittingly puts her husband at risk.Because Evan has a past he doesn’t want his wife—or the police—to find out about. Denver Homicide Detective Jack Fariel has a past too . . . with Evan’s wife. Jack is dealing with some major health issues and doesn’t need a load of guilty memories from his past.Evan is a complex man, husband, and killer of a unique kind. Jack’s focus and tenacity makes him a killer’s worst nightmare. Both men must unravel a web of deceit, murder, lost love, and regret to uncover the truth.

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