Killing the Unicorn by Lizella Prescott

Killing the Unicorn by Lizella Prescott
English | 2018 | Psychological Thriller | ePUB | 450 KB

She inhabited my dull, threadbare marriage and made it into something glamorous and exciting. Gentle reader, I hated her…

A Modern Marriage

Since having twins, Helen has lost her waistline, her libido, and her edge. Mann, her wealthy, high-flying husband, has tried to be patient. But he needs more than she can give. A lot more.
When he asks to open their marriage, Helen reluctantly agrees. She would rather bend than risk a high-stakes divorce.

A Dangerous Obsession

When Mann connects with Julia, Helen is relieved. At first. She likes Julia, a gentle woman with a tragic history. But her husband is moving fast. Too fast. And a series of odd events unnerves Helen and makes her wonder if Julia is lying about her past…or worse.
Helen becomes obsessed with Julia even as she questions herself and her motives. To protect her children and her sanity, she is driven to discover the truth: is Julia a danger to her family, or is she?

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  1. Sounds really good, thank you (again and again and again!)

  2. Thank yooou; appreciated very much!!!

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