Kingdom of Wind & Fire by RA Lewis

Kingdom of Wind & Fire by RA Lewis
English | 2020 | Fantasy | eBook | 360 KB

Blood is magic. Magic is blood.
Twins Brayden and Brianna have always had to hide their elemental magical powers or risk enslavement. Brayden wasn’t lucky enough to avoid that fate. No sooner has he escaped the SpiritSinger who took him when their mother is captured by the same enemy. Now, the newly reunited twins need to make a choice to abandon their mother and follow her wishes or try a daring rescue.

It is only the beginning.
Torn between two choices, and in desperate need of training, they travel to a magical university where, with the help of a snarky smuggler, and his crew, Brayden and Brianna embark on a quest to hone their magical skills and learn who they are. Will they stay together and save their mother when everything is threatening to tear them apart? Or will an even greater evil force them down separate paths?

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