Knowing is Halfling the Battle by William Tyler Davis

Knowing is Halfling the Battle by William Tyler Davis
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 421 KB

A city under siege. One halfling knight. An Epik Quest.
Epik thought he’d found what he was looking for: magic, adventure and friendship. He’d saved an entire kingdom. But at what cost?

Without his mentor, learning magic seems an impossible feat. And becoming a knight is proving… different than he ever expected.
A new enemy rises, and the city is under attack once more. The ten years of peace and prosperity promised to Dune All-En was over almost before it began.

Epik must heed the call.
He and his band of misfit souls – Todder, Myra, and Gerdy – embark on a quest that takes them across the realm. But what they find in King’s Way shakes them to the core. A kingdom supposed to be seething with dark magic seems oddly empty of any magic at all.

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