Lethal Cargo by Felix R. Savage

Lethal Cargo by Felix R. Savage
English | 2018 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 518 KB

One maverick crew against the Cluster’s deadliest criminal organization…
Mike Starrunner, captain of an independent space freighter, is no stranger to trouble. But things get hotter than he bargained for when he lands on a planet occupied by Travellers. These grisly space pirates have a reputation so dire, even aliens won’t mess with them.
But even aliens aren’t as badass as Shifters.
Mike and his crew are Shifters–alt-humans with the ability to Shift into animal form. When they impulsively rescue three of the Travellers’ victims, they stumble on a deadly plot that spans the Cluster—and it’s focused like a laser beam on their homeworld.

From deep space to the slums of Shiftertown, the chase is on.
To untangle the mystery in time, Mike will have to outwit not only the Travellers but the kingpin of his own crime-ridden Shifter community, while staying one step ahead of the police. If he fails, the Travellers will take his planet … and his beloved daughter.
Join the crew of the St. Clare as they struggle to put the clues together, battle murderous criminals, and above all, hang onto their humanity. If you’re a fan of Firefly or The Expanse, you’ll love this interstellar adenture set in a cluster of stars far, far away, in a future where we’ve colonized the stars and even altered our own DNA, but remain all too human.

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