Let’s Not Do That Again by Grant Ginder

Let’s Not Do That Again by Grant Ginder
English | 2022 | Humorous Fiction | 2 MB

From the author of The People We Hate at the Wedding comes a poignant, funny, and slyly beguiling novel about family, politics, and the lengths we’ll go to for our children, perfect for fans of HBO’s Veep and Kevin Wilson’s Nothing to See Here.

Nancy Harriman is running for Senate, and she’s going to win, God dammit. Not that that’s her slogan, although it should be. This is what she’s worked so hard for over the years after her husband’s untimely death (which was definitely not her fault) and inheriting his seat in the House of Representatives. She’s said all the right things. Passed all the right legislation. Chapped her lips kissing babies. There’s just one problem: her grown children.

Greta and Nick Harriman are adrift. Nick, recently heartbroken, is floundering in his attempts to write a musical about the life of Joan Didion (called Hello to All That). And then there’s his little sister Greta. Smart, pretty, and completely unmotivated by anything, allowing her life to pass her by like the shoppers at the Apple store where she works.

But then one morning the world wakes up not to Nancy making headlines, but Greta. She’s in Paris. With extremist protestors. Throwing a bottle of champagne through a beloved bistro’s front window. In order to save her campaign, not to mention her daughter, Nancy and Nick must find Greta before it’s too late.

Smart and poignant, funny and tear-jerking, Let’s Not Do That Again proves that like democracy, family is a messy and fragile thing that means more than any mother, or senator, could ever dream.

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