Lie For Me by Mick Bose

Lie For Me by Mick Bose
English | 2018 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 281 KB

Would You Kill to Save Your Daughter’s Life?
Emma Dixon has a great life. Loving husband and perfect daughter. But she gets an email from an unknown person who has photos of little Molly. More messages arrive, and the threat against Molly rises to a critical point. Who is sending them? And why are they after Molly?

Someone tracks every move Emma makes. They will not let go. When Emma’s husband, Jeremy’s life is threatened, Emma knows enough is enough. She has to do something, but what? As her life falls apart, Emma knows only one thing for certain. Come what may, she has to protect Molly. As her perfect life unravels, Emma knows she has to face the demons of her past life. The lies had saved her, but the truth will kill her…

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