Lincolnomics by John F. Wasik

Lincolnomics: How President Lincoln Constructed the Great American Economy by John F. Wasik
English | 2021 | History | 2 MB

While revealing as history, Wasik’s account about the first Republican President’s launches of infrastructure shame the ignorant, obstinate, narcissist Republicans of today who wish instead to build up tyrant Trump’s political infrastructure. This is a book to be read and used today.” ―Ralph Nader

The only biography of its kind, Lincolnomics narrates The Great Emancipator’s untold legacy as The Great Builder of American infrastructure―developer of an economic ladder to democracy through national transportation, public education, and market access

Lincoln’s view of the right to fulfill one’s economic destiny was at the core of his governing philosophy―but he knew no one could climb that ladder without strong federal support. Some of his most enduring policies came to him before the Civil War, visions of a country linked by railroads running ocean to ocean, canals turning small towns into bustling cities, public works bridging farmers to market.

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